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Anyone heard about CommutAir recalls?

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We're slowly recalling people as more people are leaving in the near future. For the upcoming bid I believe we recalled 3 more and were to about seniority #572, give or take. We're having a handful of people leaving in December and several more after the first of the year. Many of them are going to Exec Jet and Comair. Hope this helps.

I can confirm. Got the call last week. Super D, what is the state of the company right now ? If you had another offer would you go back ? Just curious. Thanks :)

Well, the state of the company is hard to determine. Our loads rebounded dramatically after Sept 11th, however they are still not in the profitable range yet. One of the reasons that I can't say how well we're doing financially is that we have received virtually no information from management as to our financial state. We used to receive monthy reports showing our net profits or losses. We're kinda in the dark right now, but it seems like everything is moving in the right direction. We receive money from many sources during a given month so we could very well be in the black, however it's all speculation. All I know is that I keep getting a paycheck, so I'm happy.

As to whether you should take another job offer, that depends on your circumstances and quality of life issues. If you're looking for a quick upgrade after your return, you may want to reconsider. But if you are from the NorthEast and want to stay local, Commutair will be around for awhile so that's a plus. As for me, I feel fortunate to have a flying job now, but I'm always looking.......

Hope this helps


That information is greatly appreciated. I do remember the days we used to get that information from management. What I like most about the company was the people I flew with and I will have to make a tough decision. Either way I wish you and commutair good fortune.
No news mgt.

I would be very cautious about no news from management. Remember there is still a lawsuit out there looming over everyones heads. Out of sight does not mean out of mind!!! Good luck to all you "CommutAir dogs"

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