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Anyone have time in a Cheyenne????

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Dec 8, 2001
Hey everyone!!!

I was just offered a job in a cheyenne. Ive never flown a turbine a/c before and would like some information on the cheyenne and any pointers. I have 200hrs in a chieftain and have heard they fly very simular. thanks for your input
I have a few hours in a Cheyenne, private message me with some specific questions and i'll be happy to answer. Yes it does fly like a Chieftein/Navajo, but I think, a little easier
I don't know which cheyenne you are going to fly, but I flew a II.
It handles like a little fighter. It had good power, but also had a SAS system which had a tendency to set off alarms at critical take off points. You will enjoy it more than the chieftain even though they have basically the same airframe. Nothing beats the dependability of the suck, bang and blow of a turbine.
Enjoy the opportunity
I flew a I and a II and they were both a lot of fun. I got a job flying right seat when I had about 60 hours multi and it wasn't too big a deal to learn the plane at that point so you shouldn't have any trouble. Once I got used to not firewalling the throttles on takeoff like a piston everything came together. I preferred the I over the II but that was mainly because our II had mismatched engines (time-wise) which caused a lot of swerving on the runway as you brought the power up. I flew a few hours in another II with good engines and it hauled a**. I'm not a big fan of the SAS system on the II but you'll have fun if you get to do any stalls with it engaged. Just remember to release the back pressure VERY slowly or you'll pin anything that's not belted down to the ceiling. Kind of a messy clean up.
Two throttles, two prop levers, two "fuel conditioners", tricycle gear that goes up and down,(handle with the little wheel on the panel does that) flaps, airlerons, sorry no spoilers. I loved the airplane, I used to pretend I was in a P-38, flies great, grab the job before I do......
I have some time in the 1, 2, and 400LS. Have heard a lot of horror stories about all of them and still have yet to see any of them come true. Today, went from west Texas to OKC, LAX, APA, back to west TX and did it in a reasonable amount of time. The only problem with the 400 is that it goes too fast for this low-time pilot! I need 1000 Turbine PIC for Southwest and it isn't coming too fast going 345 knots. Oh well, I can think of worse complaints to have. PM me if I can answer any questions for you.

Good Luck!


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