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Anyone have access to Delta-net?

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Load Checking.. for non-rev..


I received a complaint from a Delta person about publishing this information.. According this person "It's proprietary info".....

Please do so via PM's, and not as an open post.... this will avoid security issues as well.

thanks... Clr4
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wow....uh ok.....if that person says so....

thanks Clr4, sarcasm not directed at you.
Guys I'm not a company guy but if you read the fine print when you sign in I think its self explanatory.
I'm looking to check the loads for DL1402 MEM-ORD tomorrow (6/17).

When I used to commute a lot I would just call the main res number. 1-800-221-1212. Just tell them that you want to non rev and they can usually tell you if have a good shot. You also have to hit 0 a couple of times to get you out of the automated system and talking to an operator directly. Good Luck

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