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Anyone have a side job with a criminal justice degree?

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Well-known member
May 16, 2005
I am trying to figure out what I want to get my degree in because an aviaiton degree wont get me squat if I get laid off or something.. I was thinking some kind of business like finance, or insurnace but then I realized that if it came down to it I would hate doing that as my job. So then I was thinking maybe something along the lines of law. So after all of that rambling on.. my main question is do any of you have a degree in criminal justice and have a job on the side while still flying? or recomend some other degree? I just cant decide because there really isnt anything i want to do but fly.
My brother, while not a pilot, has a deree in CJ. While he was waiting to get into the sheriff's academy, he took a job as a fraud investigator with a insurance company. He was the guy that videotaped the idiots that calimed they had a crippling back injury working in theit yards and such. Heck, one guy he caught said he couldn't work at all cause his back hurt so much. Well, my brother found him, working as a delivery driver for the local Pepsi bottler. He caught the guy, on tape, lifting 2 cases of canned soda OVER HIS HEAD!!


he was basically on call, but he was allowed to pick his days off. He really liked it.

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