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Anyone get a call from Delta yet?

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
I heard they were supposed to start interviews this month, but I haven't heard that anyone has gotten a call.

I do not think you would see interviews start this month. They have called bypass guys for a Aug 2nd and or a 16th class.

I would not be overly surprised to see calls go out shortly for interviews in July to early Aug, but I do not see interviews in June.
After recurrent this week, I was told ~~180 off the street after the 120 Compass/Mesaba/Furlough returnees are on the property.
I got an interview! Please PM me if you have any advice!
Yep, we can say it now. Interview e-mails are going out.

Was to happen mid month and here it is.
A friend of mine is a returnee, told Aug 16th (count on it.. but don't quit your job yet) Sounded like there were only 50-60 of the bypass pilots taking recall now.

Delta wants all the returnees back in August so they could all bid the next AE in September.

(That's what I heard anyhow)

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