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anyone flown into MMBT Huatulco

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I was just there last week.

No need for a handler. It's not a busy place, but expect to tip a bit to get fast (relative term) service. The ops guy played me like his computer was down, said I would have to wait for their computer to come back up before I could pay landing fees. I slipped him a 20 and suddenly it didn't matter that the computer wasn't working.

Bring your own prist - they don't have any.

Approach was easy, but the DME from the VOR doesn't work until you are 23 miles away. Low rising mountains to the north, but approaches come from east and west over flat land.
:0 Sorry man, I didn't read the guy's profile...

Next you'll tell me doesn't have to worry about DME from the VOR 'cuz he has an FMS or something. GEEZ! I feel so inadequate! ;)
It's been a few years but a neat place. Always wanted to take my family there. There is some good hotel and tourist info on the web. Hotels and ground transportation are relatively new. The terminal is neat and the beaches are beautiful.


There was no radar so when coming in from the north at night we were very conscious of terrain clearance and generally didn't use off airway routing when descending.

If you have the time you should go to Zipolite, itrs a samlla hippie beach located 1 hour drive from Huatulco, a taxi from Huatulco to Zipo woul dbe like 25 dlls, you can also take a bus for $1, catually the bus takes 1 her the taxi would be like 45 minutes i guess, its a beautiful nudist beach with mostly europeans, great great food and very cheap too, no big hotels but small cabins where you pay like $10 per day, no police, theres drug use but of course if you dont do that thats no porblem, i dont, i go there every january, its a paradise a 1000 time sbetter that any normal resort like cancun etc and very cheap, next to that beach is San AGustinilo which is pretty much the same except this one is more of a family oriented beach, in Zipo its just young people and old hippies, if you fly to Puerto Escondio ZIpo is also 1 hr drive from tehre, its in the middle betweent Huatulco and Puerto Escondido..nothing like hanging out with a bunch of blonde nude german girls while drinking a Corona on any given monday morning at 11am, while the rest of the world is busy working...

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