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Anyone ever non-rev to Kilimanjaro?

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Big Papa
May 10, 2002
Anyone here ever non-revved to JRO (Kilimanjaro Int'l in Tanzania) on KLM? Any ideas what loads might be like down there from AMS-JRO (and most importantly return JRO-AMS) in September? Thanks in advance...
Back in 1997 went JFK-FRA on DL jumpseat and FRA - Niarobi on LH on a ZED fare. Going back went on BA to London(Gatewick?) and it was tight with cargo below on a ZED. Talked to BA pilots and they said I could sit up front with using my ZED ticket if needed but got the last seat out. Saw Atlas planes at Niarobi if needed, but the Tanzania KLM service was only twice a week at the best. Do the long route if possible(Whiskey Route/ 6 Days) to acclimate the best and better views, everyone goes down the same way. December to Feb. is a good time to go with weather.

My friend did it last year in Sept or Oct and said KLM was full. He bought.
Ditto. Did it last year in Oct, very glad to have a revenue ticket.

FWIW, on the return to AMS the KLM flight stops in Dar es Salaam---which may, or may not, be the best place to get stuck on a pass.
I ALWAYS buy positive space tickets when I go to Africa. Spending 5 days in Dakar trying in vain to non-rev out taught me that lesson the hard way.

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