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Anyone commute from LAS?

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Registered User
Nov 25, 2001
Now that I'm drawing that hugh Beech 1900 captain pay, the wife wants out of Maine. We're heading out west to call Las Vegas home.

Anyone that commutes out of there have any big problems getting east?

Pros: Lot's of flights at all hours.

Cons: Multiple checkpoints and some distance between gates should you have to go back and fourth to try different airlines.

Welcome to the west.
I don't commute from there, but I have used LAS to get me in and out of the West. Most of the flights are pretty full, and it's one of the country's top travel destinations, much like Orlando. I was in LAX one day, and Delta sent some of it's regular passengers there from Vegas because they couldn't get them anywhere else!! Again, I might not know enough about it, but this doesn't sound like a good place to commute out of. Good luck to you.
LAS would be a tough commute. There are a LOT of airline pilots living there, most of them very senior international types. Add to that those jumpseating in and out for vacation, and getting a jumpseat is extremely difficult on any airline.
Even non-revving would be hard because the flights tend to be full.

And don't forget the time change every time you go to work... you'd waste a full day going east.

I'd rather go from LA (LAX, SNA, ONT) or SFO or even PHX than LAS.
Good luck

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