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Anybody training Sport Pilots?

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Apr 5, 2006
I was wondering if anybody was getting any Sport Pilot students. I know the economy is bad, so recreational flying has taken a big hit. Will it be better than the old "recreational pilot" thing, or have the same amount of success?
I'm not actively instructing at present, but try to stay up-to-date. I would never be comfortable attaching my professional liability to the training of a sport pilot. No offense, but the training requirements are not offset by the limitations in my opinion. If someone with a sport pilot certificate goes down, the CFI will first one to get a subpoena. It's not worth it to me.

I do hope it works out for those of you trying to make a living as a CFI.
Yes sorta, just got my Sport CFI written complete check ride in the next week or so. Been busy at my business and expect it to stay that way. Not trying to throw anything in the above posters face but, if you don't feel comfortable with the student then don't sign him off plain and simple. The min is 20 hours average is more or less 40.
I'm an airline guy and I do teach a person seeking a sport pilot certificate. I basically told him that I understand what the regs say but that they are bare minimum requirements. I told him I will train him to a standard that I feel comfortable with but never said that is equivalent to a private private pilot. I even include hood time and introduction to night flight. He enjoys the "extra" exposure. He has a wonderful attitude and is willing to learn more than required. I wanted him to get a PPL but he just want a Sport certificate so......I'll teach him to the standard I think a single engine vfr only pilot should be trained.....regardless of certificate type.
How common is it nowadays to find sport planes to rent across the country?
Pretty common here in Florida at least at my airport we have three that range from 85-99 an hour.

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