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Anybody spoke with Comair?

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Well-known member
Mar 10, 2002
Just curious if anyone has spoke with Comair this past week or so..
A captain of mine said that he was told mid May for a class. He was interviewed about a week or so before I was( Early Feb.).He told me this last week. I would contact them today but I've managed to have my wisdom tooth pulled today and just wouldn't sound as smart on the phone..:p

Ready and waiting..

I interviewed with them last week.... they said they were a little backed up, but told us we'd be looking at May training dates if successful. Good luck out there!
just curious guys, what do your timelines look like. when did you apply; get called; etc... i faxed my res recently as they ask and was wondering how long it might take. i dont have much intel on the hiring process at comair. is inside help necessary; are they backed up with thousands of apps; etc...
I haven't got a call yet either (interviewed March 5). Timeline: Faxed resume in early December, was scheduled for a early Feb. class but had to reschedule due to death in the family. Interviewed and received the letter 8 business days later (11 total days). I have contacts within their government affairs in Washington D.C. and made a few calls to try and increase my chances. I do not know anyone at the company, thus could not get someone to recommend me internally.
I sent my resume in Jan and got a call for the interview in Feb exactly a month later. I interviewed on the 6th mar and got a GOOD letter on the 10th day just like they mentioned during the interview. I am also waiting for the ground school. My friend called them today regarding the same question asked here about the applications, time line.e.t.c. He spoke to the HR person and the latest is that now they will slow down there hiring, my guess is because of the backed up ground school pool. He was also told that they are getting a lot of resume and the average hours were 3000TT. However when I went for my interivew they also told us that we were looking to be in ground school by may. I hope this helps. Then again things can change over night in aviation. who knows may be will be in the ground school faster then may:)
May 22?

Just curious if anyone else out there is in the May 22 class with me? If so, send me a private message!
Hey Jorgan, they really told your interview class in May? Thats awesome if they did...I thought it would be a little later but maybe their planning on picking things up a bit?

Curious as to when you interviewed? I was on Feb. 21st.., I'm trying to get an idea of when to start gettin ready for the move and when to give my 2 weeks here. Did you interview in Feb? Did they mail you a class date or phone you?


I had John Erskine from Comair on the phone for an interview on AvCAreer.TV. You can see it in a few days in the archives.

Basically he said that there were some delays in aircraft deliveries and the next class is May and they expect to be back going after that.

ACA said very similar things
Thanks for the good news publisher...

With this whole Delta arbitration thing and late aircraft arrivals I've had this knot in my stomach that things were gonna be too good to be true...

So its good to get encouraging news.

I've got 4 days off till my next trip and my buddy owns a bar...peace, I'm outta here!!!!!

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