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Anybody local on this board?

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Dec 17, 2001
Im a CFI in ANC wondering about who's hiring here in town and around AK these days. any insight?
Try Village, out in BET. I heard they need a person or two to fly the Sleds. You can apply to them via Camai Air.
I dont think anyone is hiring right now. I know we arent and I dont think PenAir is either. But wait about 6 months and I think you will see inceased hiring as we begin to lose pilots again. Be patient and keep teaching if you really want to fly turboprops then wait for Penair, Era, or Frontier, or little Ace. They will most likely be your best bet. If you want to fly props then check out the 135 operators in BET they ought to start hiring for the summer soon...


I wouldn't count too heavily on Little ACE, they stand a good chance of losing thier share of the Mainline Non-priority and bypass mail due to a court action (thier appeal was supposed to be heard in federal circuit court today) Who knows which way it will go, but it may cut the heart out of their 1900 ops, leaving them with only bush routes and sleds. On the other hand, Neil Bergt has proven himself a survivor, everyone around him may take a fall, but he lands on his feet.
A Squared I am unfamiliar with the court action you described, could you please post some details about that or point me in the right direction? Thanks. Are you A DC-6 FE with NAC?

Thanks for the info, I head that there was a class going on somewhere in the near future but it didn't make sense since I don't think anybody has left. If I'm wrong, kindly let me know. Thanks.

I don't know all the ins and outs but but it comes down to this:

Little ACE is a 135 carrier, according to postal reglations, only 121 carriers are supposed to carry Non-pri and Bypass mail on Mainline routes like ANC-BET, ANC OME, etc. NAC and Lynden brought suit against the postal service to stop them from givin an equitable share of the Mainline mail to Little ACE as it is against their regulations. Little ACE has appealed the suit. This is essentially the case, although I may heve bits and pieces that aren't quite accurate.

Related to this, but a seperate from the lawsuit, Sen. Stevens has introduced legislation that would reform the Bypass mail regulations. this reform also would have serious implications for Little ACE's 1900 operation.

No, I'm not a NAC f/e...I'm an FO for the other guys.
Local gossip

Here is the gossip I have heard from the ANC MRI area.

I heard Take flight lost three flight instructors. Two went to UAA and one is on military leave.

Aero Tech is losing one but they have been pretty slow.

UAA is fighting to get more 172's leased. THey will probably be needing more instructors in a couple months. No multi there and no plans from what I heard.

A couple months ago I heard a rumor one of the flight schools out at Birchwood might be starting up again. I do not know if it is Ohare or the other.

I have heard a lot of people from little ace have been looking around for new positions. A little bird told me Penair just started a ground school for SIC in the caravan. Nobody with more than 500 hours needed apply. They said a SAAB class should be right around the corner. Probably will be heavy with 1900 pilots.

Info on ERA is that they are expecting to win big on the whole little ace lawsuit so they POSSIBLY might be sending three more otters out to the bush. They will also be needing more FO's.

I heard Hageland and Grand are both looking for 207 drivers. Hageland has been fighting to keep their insurance so who knows with them. But then again they have been fighting for about a year now.

Well those are all the rumors fit to be smeared across a page that I have heard.

Oh and there is a add on climbto350.com for L.A.B. out of Juneau always looking for single engine pilots in southeast! Race ya for it.

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