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Anybody hear of this before??????

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Left-Handed Gear Jockey
May 27, 2005
While I am still arguing with people about the so called 9-11 theory(the government did it!!, Yeah right) anyway checkout this article: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=27647

Since when did we get to pack heat prior to 9-11??

Did I miss something?!?!

Sorry to keep bugging you with all of this, but I want to know!

BTW I think it is BS!
Yes, I have heard of this but it is misleading. The law that allowed for pilots being armed expired at this time. However there had not been a pilot armed for years, nor were there any provision in place for a pilot to do this. All such programs were long gone. So yes, the law did change, but no, it made no difference as there were not any pilots armed.
Back in the olden days, pilots carrying US Mail could be armed, but most company policies didn't allow it. I've seen pics of sacks of mail being loaded with a pilot holding a shotgun nearby.

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