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Anybody hear/know anything about DayJet?

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Time to Make the Donuts!
Apr 5, 2003
Has anyone heard anything from DayJet. it seems they are shooting for a March 2006 certification and a mid-2006 launch. Does anyone know anything about them beyond the website? Pay, domiciles/gateways, QOL, etc.

With nearly 300 aircraft on order, sounds like they'll be needing a gripload of pilots. I assume they'll be single-pilot operations.

I have talked to one of the guys who is working for them now. He said they will be getting a lot of pilots here pretty soon. If you have the 135 min I would put in your resume now. I believe it would be single pilot but I am not sure. I spoke to the guy over the summer (june/July) at a NASA SATS thing in Danville, VA. Sounds like a legit place as well as a fun place to work. Good luck!
One of the management guys there was Comair management during the strike. He was also at either CO or EA and is reported to have been in bed with Lorenzo. Ask any Comair pilot what they think of him and you'll get the old dog and fire hydrant adage. This guy was let go by the current Comair president. I have also been told that his name was specifically listed in the contract to not be allowed to fly the line with any pilot on their seniority list. I got the above info from a friend at Comair who was there during the strike. Not first hand info, but I trust the guy.

It sounded like a good idea to me also. After hearing what a very trustworthy friend has to say about this member of their management, I'm staying away. It has the potential to be a very miserable place to work as long as this guy is your supervisor.

At the same time, if Dayjet's corporate culture is as advertised, he might not last very long there.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the word at the Danville SATS demo had DayJet doing everything dual piloted...has that changed, or did I get it wrong then? I'm very interested in how they see themselves working in contrast to what we're doing right now with SATSAir---the cost factors in particular. I had access to some materials through a friend a while back that were billed as part of their biz plan, but I don't know what changes have been made since then or how accurate the info was that I saw.... Anything solid would be much appreciated.
Don was VP. Flt ops at CO during the early 90's, his history was the original Frontier. And yes, he left CO during the house cleaning with the rise of G.B. inside of Chap11. True, from us he went over to Comair, with our EWR Cheif Pilot, and Crew Scheduling Dir.

And true, he is now at Dayjet.
April 26 , 2005
Dawn of DayJet
Ed Iacobucci, founder and former chairman of software maker Citrix Systems, yesterday announced his latest project–regional, per-seat, on-demand air-limo service using Eclipse 500s, each flown by a two-pilot crew.

Have they started hiring and training yet? Will it be possible for a no-jet-time CFI with 135 mins to get aboard? Will the pay be liveable? Particularly considering the COL in the Southeast?
Concept is great, but it seems to me having a 2nd pilot on board is gonna reduce payload to the point where it will be tough to turn a profit. Margins are tight everywhere, and it remains to be seen whether Eclipse will deliver on the promised performance numbers. I remember Beech offered stellar performance on the Starship when it was announced, yet when certified it was slower than the King Airs it was supposed to replace!

It also remains to be seen just what kind of teething problems are going to surface with this aircraft. As they say in the military, "Never fly the A model!" This will certainly impact the bottome line.

I wish DayJet luck. Lord knows, if I could have found the investors I'd be doing the same thing this guy is. But like all start-ups, it is a risky venture.
conducted a random survey

I've spoken with at least ten first class customers while commuting.

I asked them would they be willing to fly with four other strangers cooped up in a small "baby jet" with most likely very young and possibly inexperienced crews?

all of them flat out said no.

They may hire former regional guys now that ACA is shutting down.. will it make a difference?

POGO ( crandall and burrs ADAMS jet project has yet to get financing)

I think this concept is doomed for failure. These little jets are clearly not going to replace roomy hawkers and excels as the choice for rich guys to travel.

I don't know who their market is?

The rich guys already have jets and shares.... the first class types flying legacy carriers aren't going to trade in their wide leather for a cramped cargo like sized one!

Time will tell...................

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