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Anybody ever have kidneystone?

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Well-known member
Dec 1, 2001
Has anybody had problems with getting a medical due to kidneystones? I have heard the FAA can allow a sort of waiver according to the probability and likeliness of a return.
I had treatment for a stone in 2000, and have been told I need to be rechecked every year. And both last year and this year the Dr. find a small, tiny stone somewhere in the kidney, and I have to go throught the surgical treatment every year to get clearance for the medical! This is getting old fast! Has anybody else had this problem, or success in avoiding this test every year?
Good medical web site

Try this website, www.leftseat.com . It is a for-profit outfit that helps people with their medicals. However, it will answer questions. I had a question regarding my medical and an R.N. gave me a reply.

Best of health to you.

Any chance you belong to ALPA? If so, contact Aeromedical in Denver and you'll get the best possible advice available in aviation medicine.

Hope you're all better soon.

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