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Anybody dislocate there kneecap before?

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May 16, 2005
Just wonderinf if anybody has.. I did 2 weeks ago and it seems like it is heeling, but slowly. Just wondering how common it is for surgery to be needed? I will not find out if I need surgery until the 22nd when I go back in to the orthopedic surgeon.

If you did need surgery, how long until you could walk on it and be normal?
Thanks for all the info,
I sprained my ankle last weekend and the Dr. said I'm out for 6 weeks. Good luck with the kneecap and I feel for 'ya with the crutches.
I did once whole playing basketball, it rotated almost to the outside of my leg. I got it back in place, but hurt like he!! doesn't even begin to describe it. I think I was on crutches for about a month, and limped for a couple more. No surgery though. I can still tell you when it's going to rain though...:)
I have dislocated my left knee cap twice, my right once, and both shoulders. I don't have great knees. I went to 3 doctors, the first said I needed to have surgery, the second wasn't much more positive, and the third said I should have it but to try physical therapy first. I went with the third. The therapy was pretty simple, just some stretching to help strenghthen the platella (sp?) tendon. I'm pretty active in rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, water skiing so I had to cut some of those things out for a while. If I do go out and do any of these things I wear a good knee brace. I also have learned how to reduce a dislocation. My uncle is an emergency room doctor and had to reduce my second dislocation so he taught me and his son how to reduce an elbow, knee cap, finger, shoulder (a dislocation of the knee acutally needs to be done in a hospital). The doc still thinks having surgery is going to be the best idea in the long run as I'm only 24 and I'm not looking forward to it. Just a note, when my left happend for the second time it was to the outside (this is where it will almost always end up) but up the side of my left thigh about 1.5-2". Hurt like nothing else. My uncle got it reduced and braced, but a few days later the ortho told me not to use crutches. He said a study was done and they can acutally heal faster if you keep it mobilized.
Good luck with your outcome.
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That must have hurt like a Mo Fo, avoid surgery, do the Phx Rx 1st, you will strenghten the adductor group to enhance lateral instabilty if it was a lateral dislocation, 99% are, so I am assuming.

The alternative is unpleasent at best and causes a great deal of post-operative scar tissue formation that will cause much discomfort in your later years.

In the mean time, strenghten your connective tissues with Glycosamine Sulfate 3 grams/day.
i did when i was 14. i was lucky that i didnt need surgery. i was snowboarding when the back binding broke swisting my leg from the knee down. both bones in the lower leg, the ankle and the knee. needless to say it was no fun at 14. i was in a cast for 16 months. from the hip down and it prgressivly got shorter as time passed
I had the surgery two years ago. I went to an sports team orthopedic doctor. Had x-rays and mri which showed the need for the op. I had a lot of scar tissue under the patella caused by numeruos dislocations.
Anyway, it was out patient surgery and I walked out of the medical center.
Recovery took the best part of a month but the problem was fixed and I no longer have any trouble with it.
Funny you should ask...

On July 30th I went over the bars of my motorcycle on the freeway at 70mph. I landed on my left knee. I was wearing body armor but my kneepad blew out from the impact. My patella stayed in place but it's a mess. I don't know when I'll have full motion again. My leg is just kinda stuck straight out.

FWIW-I've been kickboxing/competing in JiuJitsu for years (i.e. I have really strong knees). My doctor says that's what saved me from permanent damage.

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