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Any word on Airtran hiring?

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New member
Dec 27, 2001
If someone has any info on Airtran I'd appreciate it! Be it good, bad, or ugly. Is the company employee driven? That is. . . is the morale high, are the employees happy and do they enjoy working there? Give me the word on hiring too.
I'd be curious as well to hear about them. You don't find too much written about AirTran on various pilot chat sites. I'd like to know what Citrus ppl think of their co.
I've been speaking with them off and on over the past few months. They said that they started interviewing and hiring again for December. Now complete.

They will continue in January and will anticipate two classes per month for the year. How many per class? Don't know, I'm sure that would vary anyway.

I see AirTran doing well with the hardships of USAir.

Good Luck.
This is just my personal opinion but after working at AirTran for one year I must say I'm very happy to be here. I think this company has a great future under present management. Joe Leonard and his team know what they are doing and with our new contract, noone can complain about the pay with $35000 first year and upgrade after 18 months if you make it. Standards are high for upgrades and many doesn't make it and has to wait another year for a new chance. Once you upgrade you will make roughly $80-90000 your first year as Captain. I ran into Jill Nidiffer today and she is getting hamered with resumes and I don't envy her and the HR team to pick the candidates for interviews but I know right now you need a lot of experience to get a shot at a interview. A lot of 121 PIC turbin time will help. I have tried to get many of my friends interviews but it is rough right now because of the competition. If you get a chance to come and work here I congratulate you. This place is turning into a career airline with competitive pay and you don't have to pay for your own training...
I have heard the same thing from a friend who is in the FAA. AirTran is a solid company with a great future. I have had my stuff in there for almost a year but unfortunately, no response. All I can do is update regularly and have met some influential people at Citrus that have helped recently. Hopefully I will hear from AirTran soon.:D
As a newhire, I would concur with Citrusguy's post- I would also add that
pay starts Day 1. Also, second yr F/O
pay is around $52/hr, third yr Capt. pay for someone hired today would be over $102/ hr with 12th yr pay $157./hr. Not too shabby . . .

Company also contributes an additional 10.5% to a retirement fund for you, and you have the option of doing your own 401K on top of that.

Don't know the exact stats to get a call right now, but with so many qualified applicants out there, a letter of recommendation from an AirTran pilot and persistence are probably your best bet.

It seems they really like 121 PIC's and glass is a plus. Some 135/91 guys get hired, too, but most are 121.

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