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Any talk of inviting a union back on the property at USA Jet??

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Active member
Mar 2, 2005
First of all I would like to say that unions are not the best answer, or an end all to the current problems USA Jet now faces. However, many of those things which are occuring now would most likely not have taken place without due process. If USA Jet had a contract that stipulated how seniority, layoffs, as well as, many other important work related areas would take place. Then I believe much of what has happened may have looked very different. At least for the pilots! Again, I will say that a union is not the end to every problem. As many are aware the union itself can be ineffective at times. However, it's been a year and half since the vote was turned down. What do you as the pilots of USA Jet have to say in regards to having a union on the property? We know what the company's perspective is.. I would like to hear from the pilots..
Which union was there a drive for last year? How many pilots are currently on the USA Jet seniority list?

Probably less interest now as USAJ just reinstated the pay.

I was at TSA (ALPA) and they needed to furlough. Instead of furloughing in seniority order, they went by aircraft seat. All of the jet FOs stayed, and all of the J41 fos were forced to resign. It took about a year to get the greivance cleared. The co. knew it was against the contract, but they did it anyway.

Congrats guys..

Glad to hear the pay was reinstated!! When did you hear the news, and by whom?
Chief Pilot and I called every pilot as soon as we heard the news. As far as unions efforts at USA Jet Teamsters failed in 1997, UAW failed in 2003.
That is a very thought provoking question.....I guess you would have to make a list of pro's and con's and decide what we could get out of it and see if it is worth it. With a record of 0 and 2 I don't think any one would waste their time with us, but who knows.
I know the company pulled people aside prior to the last election to discourage them from thinking that a union would benifit the pilot group.. However, I thought this may offer a constructive way of using an aviation forum to collect the thoughts of those pilots at USA Jet who may have been riding the fence so to speak during the last election. And yes, anyone else who has constructive comments or thoughts should weigh in as well. Even Pilot Yip! LOL However, we heard your views the last election, but maybe they have changed. Even if they did I would not expect you to put anything but a positive spin on the company's views. That just goes without saying.

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