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Any suggestions?


Jun 8, 2002
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I was laid off from a 135 operator after working there for more than three years. I was captain on a DC-3 as well as company instructor. The a/c weighs more than 12500#s (type rating required) but I am no longer current in it.
I have been looking for work for almost 5 months now and have been offered a job flying an a/c that weighs more than 12500#s, but have been told by some people that I cannot even get training in it since I am a green card holder and no longer current on the DC-3.
I am tired of collecting unemployment and want to work. I am barely surviving on it and it stinks!! How do I approach this one? I do not want to let this opportunity pass by. It is tough being without a job, and there are a lot of qualified pilots out there.



Nov 26, 2001
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As a "green card " holder you are eligible by law to work legally in the US;
It's against the law for companies not to hire you.
Does the word "Descrimination" rings a bell?
If you meet their requirements they should give you an equal and fair chance to interview.
Why not try to apply for your citizenship?
Good Luck!!