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Well-known member
Jan 30, 2002
Just wondering.......

I am about to finish up my multi-commercial later this month and was wondering if I should get my CFI and build time or try to do a PFT type deal. I know that I have the basics as far as time goes and I don't expect much in the job field. What did you airline/cargo guys do to build time? Is there even a chance to get any job (other than CFI) with 260 hrs of flight time and 35 hrs multi? I don't expect anything like an airline or charter, just curious to what else is available. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and good luck to you guys who are currently furloughed and waiting for that call back.
Get your CFI. Why waste gobs of money to get another 250 hours? You will still be in the same boat as you are now. At least a CFI is usefull. Right now another 250 multi even turbine wont do much for you. You have a much better chance of landing an instructing job after you are done with training.

Good Luck
Best chance of building time is to get the CFI. With your time, the only way you could get a bite from a company flying right seat or something would be to know someone in the company personally. Traffic watch requires 500 hrs most of the time. You may try checking out skydiving ops, pipeline patrol, and banner towing. Don't wait for a golden opportunity. Start sending out resumes while working on your CFI.

Good Luck
I would get your CFI. You're gonna build the time faster than you thought you would, and you're gonna learn alot more than you knew before you were a CFI. But thats my opinion!
Hey cornelius, did you hear from Allegheny yet????
Just a note, since Cornelius mentioned pipeline patrol. I called Duke Energy to ask about pipeline patrol on the east coast last year. Pipes around here were formerly owned by Texas Eastern, and Duke took over. After a lot of calls, I reached the guy in charge. He said he had resumes with 5000TT, and this was before Sept 11th. He said the pilots enjoyed good pay, and were home every night, and was surprised that I had been told that patrol was an entry level job. He mentioned that some companies subbed out work to contractor pilots, but he was unable to give me any leads.

Oh, and Walkthesky: I carried in a resume to Allegheny in December, and got no calls. I called Michelle, and she said they were taking advantage of the higher time pilots now available. Let me know if you hear anything.

-Dozing in Harrisburg.
I haven't heard anything yet. Maybe I'll call up Allegheny again and bug them some more.

Where's the devil when you need him, I have a soul for sale.

Peace out.
about allegheny

hey timebuilder...
yeah i have an interview in 2 weeks. im pretty sure the way i got a call was that i had a friend walk my resume in, when he went for his interview. I tried for weeks and weeks..but after that i got a call.

CFI time doesnt really matter to most people who fly in the real world. I dont think doing lap after lap in a traffic pattern somewhere does much good. Like all pilot jobs that I know of its not what you got its who you know. I got my first job with 450 hours and 150 of those hours were doing pilot service in jets. Go out and meet people and get time in jets.
That's the biggest crock. Quite a few companies love to hire CFIs. Especially ones that have done quite a bit of either CFII or MEI work.

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