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Any Scenic pilots in Page AZ out there?

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Well-known member
Dec 19, 2001
Do you guys know if anyone rents planes out of Page? I'm going down to Powell and think it would be cool to take a lake tour (on my own). If so, do you know what are the prices for the different planes and a phone #?
Unfortunatley, I don't know of any specific FBOs or places to rent out aircraft. But I might suggest going to the Page Airport and checking it out in person. I was there last summer and their FBO was very nice and new and I do believe there's a flight school there renting out planes. Its a nice small airport just miles away from Lake Powell and very close to the Grand Canyon too.
When are you thinking of heading down there? I'm headed that way for the 4th of July. We're gona camp on the beach.

I landed at Paige last year too, the FBO is really nice. The people there were great and it is right next to the Grand Canyon. If I remember correctly there is a flight school there,and you might be able to rent with them.

Try calling Classic Aviation, 520-645-5356. Im not sure if they have any aircraft rentals, but they are one of the local FBO's.
It's been three years since I flew out of PGA, but I don't remember any rentals when I was there. Someone else suggested contacting Classic, and I would second that. They were a helo operator when I was there, but they should have the best info.

I would also suggest that you contact the FBO's at Flagstaff. The route from Flag to Page takes you over the painted desert, and a short detour takes you over the eastern end of the Canyon.

Also, check into some of the small airports in southern Utah.

Finally, you didn't mention any experience in the area (if your familiar forgive me), so let me say that you really need to make sure you take den/alt into account as you fly. Flag is over 7000 feet and even though Page is only around 3000, it can still get hairy. The airport that is halfway up the lake (bullfrog, if I remember) is pretty tall and you can easily get into trouble.

If you are able to make this happen, make sure you take a look at the Rainbow Bridge. It's at the NW base of the big mountain. Just don't try to fly under it. :)

have fun
I'm heading 2 PGA in the morning (Fri) on a charter. Need 2 kill a day at Lake Powell without a boat so if u need me 2 check on anything let me know. :cool:

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