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Any regionals hiring? Northwest Airlinks

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The Man
Nov 27, 2001

Just wondering if any regionals are hiring right now.

How about Express One...operating as Northwest Airlink?

Thanks for any info.

Express I..

I just got back from MEM... Regarding hiring there are too many different things floating around. What seems to ba a constant though is there will be "some" hiring, BUT...
First all those in training who were released (not furloughed, all of those are back) will be asked back first, THEN there is around 200 in the pool who will be next then to open hiring.

I have heard numbers of new hires for a low of 60-70 through 100 to a top of about 350 or so. WHo knows? I have also heard as early as Feb as the first "new hire class" and I have heard not for a year.

I know it does not help, but maybe it may help enough not to put too many eggs in the express I basket for now...
I've also read on this board that PSA is acquiring more aircraft and might begin hiring soon.

OH......and add Chicago Express, Allegheny and Shuttle America to the list.

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