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Any recent FedEx interview knowledge?

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Jan 16, 2002
Anybody out there that has recently gone to a FedEx interview while still on active duty? I am having some problems figuring out what they want on this supplemental paperwork package.

What do you do with:

--AIR CARRIER AND OTHER RECORDS REQUEST(Please disregard for military...)
Do we fill this out?

--What do they want for the COPY DD214 (member 1 if active duty)

Thanks for any help with this.

flying :confused:
the records request, all i did was type in active duty military somewhere near the top, and no one said anything. As for the 214, I'm guessing they want that to prove that you are no kidding getting out, and a date you are getting out, not just feeding them a bunch of bs over the phone. I did all of this in april 01, but I'm pretty sure nothing has changed. good luck!
Don't worry about the DD-214, you can't even get it until you have separated. If you leave active duty before you interview, send a copy and bring the original to the interview. If you are still on active duty at the time of the interview, they'll just give you a fax number for when you eventually do get it. Exactly like vschip said for the records request, neither of these are things to sweat.
I went by my personnel office and picked up a statement of service that listed my date of separation. That made them happy during the interview. I finally dropped my DD214 off last week. Terminal leave $$ while in training earning $2000/month (gross) really helps out.

Best of luck.

(Finishing IOE tonight and loving it)

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