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Any one know if the Obamas used a corporate jet for this?

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getting the government to tell you that would be harder than getting them to tell you who killed kennedy.
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Yup, more fiscal responsibility from the anointed one.

Typical politics. Biggest hippocrite is "King Barrack"...just back from his appologie tour from the G-20 summit. How many "Corporate" flying jobs has this idiot cost us? Only time will tell. Better stock up on food and buy as much ammo as you can before Barrack puts his 500% tax on ammunition this year. The "holy trinity" (Barrack, Pelosi, Reed) would like nothing more than to take away your second ammendment rights. Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now. Just my .02 cents again.
So it went from "Did he" to "Yes, he did". You guys are a real class act.
I remember not too long ago, one of the FI losers got on here and said, "I spoke to a TSA agent who said Obama would be in Chicago every 6 weeks, without fail. Count on it". Whatever that TSA agent said was the holy grail. Now, I am trying to remember when he was last in Chicago....Hmmmmm. Has it been longer than 6 weeks? Yes, yes it has......hmmmmm. idiots
Class act...idiots...?

LRH25S, I was not talking Chicago or politics....I
would just like to know if you or any one else here
might know if the special cook was brought in on a
corporate jet. I have two friends that lost jobs
because of all the media/political spotlight lately on
corporate aviation and think it would be in very bad
taste, no pun intended, to "fly in" a cook after raising
such a stink about corporate aircraft and aviation

The reporting indicates that the chef packed up his dough and cheese. If this was the case, he had a Secret Service escort and much screening of food stuffs prior, And And And, etc. etc. etc… Other than the SS, I am sure someone other than the taxpayers picked up the tab, commercial, private jet or govt. jet.

If Bush was still president, we would have lost just as many jobs, aviation or otherwise. The fundamentals of the economy say so…
This article shows that the First Family flew in a special chef for pizza. Does anybody know if they
were flown in on a corporate jet?



True story or not....Obama is human garbage. Just a thought.

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