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Any one have salary/benefit summaries?

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Well-known member
May 19, 2002
I am just curious as to how bad my current pay is ( I know it's bad). I am flying 135 Cargo in LJ 23 & 24's. I just got typed and as a Capt. have a $36,000 base (avg 1st yr is $40 k with the $1.00 per diem) and very poor medical coverage.

Thanks and I appreciate the input.
what do you want to know? YES that is pretty low pay...
take it for what it is, get some PIC jet time, keep your records clean (violations...) and MOVE ON!!!
You will never make any money flying cargo lears but it can be a good stepping stone!

Not sure exactly what you were looking for but Im guessing you get PRO PILOT (?) Their salary surveys are more toward real corporate jobs as opposed to freight or junk charter...but I think lear PIC ran in the 65-95K range....

Hey, get the PIC jet time and shop on, Im sure many would be happy to be in your spot right now (believe it or not!)

good luck!

Pro pilot lists the following:

135 Jet PIC lear20/30 series - high:50k average:40k low:36k
Cargo PIC lear 20/30 series - high:65k average:52k low:44k

Hope this helps.


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