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Any New Hires not CFI?

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I think instructing is a big plus. I interviewed in July (just hired today) and they wanted 100 hours in the past 90 days.

Instructing is a big + but the fact that you have not should not prevent you from landing a job what they want to see is a current aviation job and that you are always flying and building your time and experience.
My sugestion to you is go and find a 135 job and give it good 7 or 8 months not only will it build your experience but it will build your confidence as a pilot.

Good Luck !
I second that, as along as you are current in flying you should be considered competitive. Make sure your resume reflects that, too.

I knew instructing wasnt for me either, I banner towed until I had 135 mins, flew checks for a few months at flight express in the Mighty 210, then got picked up at Eagle, Now im at the "evil empire" of S5/RP/CHQ and loving life!!!

Good Luck and keep looking and more importantly Keep Flying!!!!
A former student of mine just started training at PSA. He had about 950 total time and around 140 multi. The majority of his time was from dropping skydivers and flying traffic watch. Never could convince him to get his CFI.

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