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Any New Air Tran Interview Gouge?

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Well-known member
May 16, 2006
Just wondering if anyone has been to the latest Air Tran interview and would be willing to share the latest gouge? Airlineinterviews.com has postings that are all over two years old.

Thanks a bunch!
I think if you just show up, be motivated, and tell your stories, and what you learned from them, you're in good shape. Can't remember them asking anything technical and such. All the usual; Tell me about the time that... It should say something that they gave you the chance to interview.
That is pretty much what I figured. Just curious if they had changed anything radically since the last interview cycle. Thanks a lot for the update!
Tell me about a time your previous company went on strike. How did you handle it? Did you join the picket line like a lemming?
How do you like your kool aid?

Which lube do you prefer for getting rammed? Hands on the ankles or doggy?

Which of the two approved ID lanyards will you choose?

Will you ever drop you child off at a picnic on your way to work?
Have they told what class date you are interviewing for?

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