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Any info on Flight International?

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Nov 25, 2001
Does anyone have any hiring/general info on FLight International?

135 outfit out of Newport News. They also do DoD contract DTE, ECM, and target towing flights.

They have 2 lears out on the ramp here at Kadena. Talked to the Mx crew, but they didn't know much about hiring.

THanks in advance,

Don't thank me....

Don't thank me, you'll make me feel guilty. I'm getting out in 83 days! Becoming a civilian and going to FSI in Vero. Staying in reserves, though, so I don't actually feel guilty.

I saw that website, but it didn't really say much. Curious about what the lifestyle/pay/locations (I know they base folks overseas) are like. Also curious to see how low they get doing DTE flights. I wouldn't be comfy getting down on the deck without a RAAWS backing us (crew) up.

When were you here? AF?


oh yeah

I see by your 'data block' on the left side of the post that you were a Cobra driver.

AH-1 + Okinawa = Futenma

Futenma = Marine (sorry about calling you AF!)

How's my math?

Flight International

My husband flew for FI in the early 1990s and has been back in touch with them. FI hires on a part-time basis then possibly one can move into a full-time position. Newport News is the main location. At one time they had a plane somewhere in Washington state, in Jacksonville, Florida attached to the national guard unit, and I think in Japan. They may be hiring in April - May. There were pretty good to work for in terms of operational organization and attitude. The pay when my husband started flying checks at night and towing targets was a little less than $20,000/yr. If I obtain any further information I will post.
My advice would be to stay far, far away from this horribly screwed up company. I know of many people who have been screwed over and lied to at this company. F.I has a poor reputation for hiring when they need people (i.e spring) and laying them off come fall. (despite the assurances of stability) They also have a reputation of pushing people in to scenario's that are not quite on the level.(i.e time and duty infringements as well as marginal weather) The Anchorage office is especially bad for this, The station manager is an Ex-navy SEAL that constantly bickers and engages in domestic disputes with his wife who is a pilot for F.I in front of the entire staff. On the other hand the money can be very good there and you can get a relatively quick upgrade with a little luck.
Good Luck, Woody
We hired a pilot who left FI, who had been flying out of Italy. (Naples, I think). He was there about a year, and seemed to like the company.

I spoke to them at one point, but the contact at the company suggested that on what they pay, I couldn't afford the private schooling that would be required for kids in europe. He's probably right. (Can't afford the public schooling, now...)

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