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Any info on Fairwind in FL???

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great cornholio

Are you threatening me??
Jul 28, 2003
I have a buddy that is a dispatcher and he said that he has been looking at Fairwind in FL. I have no idea what city they are in because I forgot to ask. Anyways he asked me if I had ever heard of them...and I have not. So does anyone know anything about these guys? I told him I would ask around and see what I could find out. I know most people will have no idea about how they treat dispatchers, but I figure if a place treats pilots good then they probably treat dispatchers good, and if they treat pilots like crap they will treat dispatchers like crap...
Most of the charter outfits in FL are a bit dodgie. Florida is no longer cheap to live and crime is getting worse. I'd say stay away.
I have know several folks that have worked there. As to the status of the company today I can not advise. It was a good outfit to work for and the people I knew were complimentary of it. If I recall correctly they are headquarted in Stuart, FL. Someone else may have updated info. Sorry I could not be of more assistance.
I'm not sure how long he has been in the business. All I know is that he is one of our dispatchers where I work. He has always lived in cold areas and thought it would be cool to live in FL. I told him that FL has lots of shady operations and that he needs to watch out. Figured I'd try to find something out because I'd hate to see this guy go somewhere that sucks even more than where he is now.
They have there ops set up in Stuart, aircraft based mostly in South Florida area. Have a buddy flying one of there GIV's, he doesn't have any real complaints. Just remember that as with all charter ops, especially in that region its prob low pay and high workload (you get paid in sunshine,lol). With regards to a dispatch with a 135 you will be doing more than just flight following and scheduling, be prepared to quote trips, answer phones, book hotels, keep track of fuel prices, etc. Good luck and at least the Stuart area is a nice place to live.
Their DO was my sim partner a couple years ago. Seemed like a great guy to me, I wouldn't hesitate to work there. Don't know if he is still there.
Thanks guys...I'll have to let him know. Sounds like its not too bad of a place.

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