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Any former Flexjet guys at WN?

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Well-known member
Apr 19, 2007
I'm thinking about getting my B737 type over vacation this summer. I know Southwest isn't hiring right now but it looks like we might see a thaw before too long, so who knows?

Anyway, I just wanted to get some answers to some basic questions, i.e., how long would I have to commute out of Dallas (moving the family isn't an option), realistic earnings for a newbie, QOL, and whether you stand a snowball's chance of getting on if you don't know anybody on the inside (I don't) and didn't fly for the Thunderbirds (I didn't).

Appreciate any input. Feel free to answer here or PM me.

now that's funny

(I'm sure there are some guys at WN that flew the C152 though, maybe that will give you a shoe in...)

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