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Any former AA, now SWA, UPS or FDX???

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Tokyo Tokyo!
Dec 16, 2001
Just wondering if there are any furloughed guys on this board that gave up their seniority at AA to go to SWA, FDX, JB or UPS.....or another airline?
1 Extremely Lucky Dude

I was in the 20 Aug class at AA. I was furloughed on 30 Sep. Got my 737 type 22 Oct and jumped in the SWA pool (I had already interviewed). Started at SWA on 27 Mar and my resignation letter to AA was dated 27 Mar. I am extremely fortunate to be flying at Southwest as I have no delusions that AA will recall any time soon. However, APA says we will all be offered recall even if a resignation was required by our current employer. I doubt I'll go back to AA but the option should still be there for me in (Insert your best guess here) years and they actually do start to recall. I doubt there are many like me as the timing was very close. I had until 15 Nov to get my type. Had everything happened 1 month later I would SOL. Actually I would be back on Active Duty as that would have been my only realistic option.
Last July I was actually jumpseating to my medical at AA. The f.o. had been furlouged in the early 90s and went to work for UPS(was on 747 as F.O.) and when AA recalled they called him back despite is resignation. Kind of seems like a tough choice AA or UPS 747- I guess he personally didnt like schedule and the flying at UPS and bailed
Furlough and UPS are rarely used in the same sentence. Things are great here at Brown Tail Air and look to get even better next year thanks to huge profits and United and Delta's recent contracts.

Hopefully my brothers and sisters at American have similar success in their contract negotiations as well.

Fly safe

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