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Any flying jobs based around dallas

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What kind of airplanes are you interested in flying? I'm a laid off Falcon 20 pilot in Dallas. I've been looking since Jan 1 with no luck. I've only got Falcon time, which is kind of hurting me. I would jump on the first co-pilot I could get. I wish I had flown a variety of airplanes instead of just one.
Dallas flying jobs

I know how you feel because I have been in the same situation since last year. It sucks and very little to do just to hope.
To answer your question, I would go for everything with 2 wings, engine(s) and pays more than flipping burgers.
There are jobs out there!

Unless there were bridges burned at old job there are jobs in big
'D". Try all the surrounding APs. Redbird, Love field, ect.

Good Luck,
I was a co-pilot on a Falcon 20 as well out of Lost Wages prior to 9/11, and moved back to Dallas. I am finding that unless you know someone who is already working for a particular flight department, the Chief Pilots won't even talk to you. They are being hit with hundreds of resumes a week and just don't want to deal with it. I even have verifiable times from both my previous Chief Pilot and Base Manager, and that is not helping. All I can say, is keep knocking on doors.:D

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