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Any dirt on Execstar @ FXE?

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El Duderino

Jet Aircraft Pilot
Jan 12, 2002
Does anyone have any information about this company?
How long did you work there?
What was the pay like?
Was it easy to get along with the managment?
Much night flying?
Engine failures or rumors?

Thanks in advance. Any information is much appreciated.

Execstar is a pay for job outfit. They have a 250 hr King Air SIC program they advertise for $18500. Since the King Air 90 doesnt required an SIC its unclear as to how one would log this time or what they do with you when you finish the 250 hrs. They have one King Air N11FL

The only other airplanes they have are a rusty old Hawker with Viper motors, a beat up old 206 and a couple of Barons.

So I guess to answer your questions they dont pay you, you pay them. I have never seen their airplanes fly at night. I think its mostly VFR day Bahamas.

Some of their pilots wear airline type unforms even when they fly the C-206. They also leave their chocks in the middle of the ramp when they leave for other airplanes to run over

Thats all I know. Good luck
I'm interested in flying for them for money. I've seen there ads in the back of Flying magazine, and will not be participating in the SIC program. Thanks for the help.


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