Any comments on these stories?


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Dec 14, 2001
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For no other reason than unbridled boredom, I had a look. After reading:

"It is not possible for any type of turbulence to rip off the tail of an airplane, and then have it go out of control in such a way that both engines would also fall off."

I couldn't go farther. Obviously the author has a high opinion of himself, but hasn't much knowledge of the industry or accident history. In short, he doesn't know what he's talking about, which makes the remainder of the article pure speculation, and wild stuff at that.

"If the left engine thrust reverser had either partially or completely actuated during flight, it would cause the plane to go into a flat spin to the left. The airplane would spin something like a flat Frisbee with the right engine pushing forward and the left engine pushing backwards. "

An uninformed non-flying public might believe that garbage, but it's clearly hogwash. I doubt even a model airplane could be made to do what this author proposes.

I believe the 587 investigation is presently headed in the right direction. Time will tell