Any Colgan Air pilots out there?


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Nov 28, 2001
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I just got offered a class date at Colgan Air on February 18th. Are there any Colgan Air pilots that might have some information about the company, such as: How is the training? How are the bases in Presque Isle, Hyannis, and elsewhere for the B-1900? How quick is the upgrade time? Where do they do the sim training? Thanks for your replies.
They said there might be another class in March for the Saab.


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Nov 25, 2001
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Presque Isle is not like anywhere you come from. It is an island in a sea of pine trees and potatos. WASPs of normal intelligence and considerable ambition work in the fast food restaurants, simply because there is nothing else to do. The income level is very low. The accent is unreal. Southern Maine is cold and snowy, but in Norhtern Maine it snows for no reason at all. It's where crappy weather was born. "The Mill" runs most of these towns, if it closes they roll up the sidewalks. It's a three or four hour drive to the nearest american "city," but Canada is fairly accesible. It's a different world, about 180 from suburbia.

There's my commentary, otherwise this thread contains the dirt on Colgan: