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Any BMA pilots out there?

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Dec 6, 2001
I am looking for some more info on Boston Maine Airways, does anyone know a pilot that works there or someone that can provide some more details about the company. Someone posted the Capt and FO share a room on the road, can anyone confirm or deny that for starters? Thanks.

I have a friend there. He works 6 days a week and they have left him out on his day off. He never mentioned the hotel situation.

A five year contract should tell you what kind of job it is.

Alot of there management has recently left as I have seen ads for different positions.

The pay is better than most commuters but your gunna earn every penny.
BMA Pilot Life

Currently flying for BMA. Working a boatload, 6 on 1 off. Lots of good experience, planes are junk, moral company wide is the lowest I've ever seen at any workplace. You do not stay in hotels, the have "crew apartments" because they are too cheap to get you hotels. No you do not share a room. Just biding my time until I get called for a real airline interview. I would stay away, especially if you are a CA!
bma info

homer69.... you said stay away if you're a CA... interviewed last week... they said the slary was 33,600 plus overtime..that they divided your total flight and duty and came up with rate for overtime... said guys were getting checks for 2 and 3 grand of overtime... they said i would have to sign a 2 year contract for 14,600 but i'm already typed... are all those days overnights or out n backs? any other info would help. sure it's not the most desirable, but when your on the sidelines, ....well whatever!
BMA info

I know a couple guys who work there.

Company is short handed for pilots, thats why they work so hard. From what I understand, the schedules are much better now.

The contract says five years on the top, but the 5 years applies only to the company salaries and minimum days off etc... The $14,600 training portion is only 18 months long.

I guess BMA uses two crew houses and the rest of the time they use hotels.

I think I saw them up in Harrisburg the other day?

Not perfect, but what airline is?
boston maine layoffs as of 9/05/02

as if it couldn't happen again....i had an interview, passed, and for lack of response , i called today to find out PAN AM is laying off, so BMA is laying off as well...to a lesser degree...the sept and oct class is on hold.. oh well...actually selling cars isn't all that bad.. i get to help my kids with their homework...

i hope we can all find our way through this aviation maze.

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