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Any AF give less than a 6-month DOS

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Dec 17, 2001
I'm reading through the AFI 36-3207 because I think ya have to be smarter then the MPF personnel or they'll scr.... make you wish you had read the regs. It talks about having to establish a DOS at least 6-months away or you need a waiver. I don't see any guidance on what the waiver process is, nor do I ever remember signing up for the AF with an understanding of a "6-mos notice" requirement. Has anyone pressed to test this after-the-fact policy? What if they changed it to 2-years--that may help retention! Any thoughts?
Pretty much accepted that they need a 6 month notice for starting your DOS paperwork, had a buddy that started it 4 months prior and they made him stay in for the full 6. HOWEVER, with Stop Loss in effect with no release date in sight, some rules are changing, you could get a DOS approved, then when Stop Loss is lifted, get out then. Check out this web site, some people asking the same questions. From what I understand, they will be flexible because of the current situation, then again they just might scr . . . make you wish you read the regs more carefullly.
Good luck.
Dropped papers 11 months out due to above reg. My understanding was 5 months 3 weeks was not enough. Was honest and up front with everyone and got plenty of support. However--my leadership environment may be different than your current squadron.

Stop loss waiver approved--I out process tomorrow. I did have an ANG slot lined up prior to 9/11 however.

Good luck--hope this helps!

If it makes you feel any better the Coast Guard holds us to a full year notice.

Fly Safe
I, too, am waitng for stoploss to be over. Just had a seminar on the subject not too long ago, and (I guess it shouldn't surprise me) they really had no clue how to implement the end of stoploss. They're not sure if they are going to let everyone out at once or make people wait to get out in the order they were going to originally. Also heard a rumor that, since this thing is funded through the fiscal year, the powers that be are still tossing around September as a date to end it.

Waited too late to get hired by a guard/reserve unit prior to my DOS. I have heard that is the key to the waiver.

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