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Another of the ubiquitous luggage threads...

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May 31, 2003
I know this topic has been addressed roughly a thousand times, but can anyone give advice on Costco bags or other relatively inexpensive roller bags that can fit in the 737?

Muchas gracias.

I've had the extra large PNS bag when I was doing night freight, but it's too big for the 737. I am now using the popular Costco bag on the 737. For the money, I don't think it can be beat. Is it 100% as nice as the PNS bag? No. But it was $200 less, and has a better warranty. I find that it rolls well, and fits nicely in the space provided on both our -700's and -300's. I see quite a few of them out on the line. Having used this Costco bag, I'd be hard pressed to go spend close to $300 on a PNS bag, and that's from a guy who actually has one.
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what is the name or the stlye of the bag I have a large PNS it is a pain when we both want to put our bag under the jumpseat.
Hey my PNS works great on the 300 I just go nose first-works great.

Fits better upside down.
Flycatcher99 said:
Thanx, maxpwr. Which specific bag did you get from Costco (model name, size, etc.)?

It's a Costco brand item called the Kirkland Signature. They have a few different sizes. The first Costco I went only had the big one in stock, but the second one had the right size one. Lifetime warranty! ONly problem is you need a Costco memebership to buy it (or know someone who has one). It's awesome.

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