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Another Genius Start Up - Pet Airways

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On Your Six

Well-known member
Mar 8, 2004
Maybe a good way to build time for low-time pilots - IF it actually works. Probably will be pay-for-training on their B1900s. Not sure if they will make much money...



Can you imagine the STINK on those flights? Thank goodness they have a "pet attendant" to take care of the animals enroute.
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I wonder if that is an ex-Colgan Air Beech. Rumor was they were used in Alaska to fly fish before Colgan picked them up.
Its a first! Gheyjhet has their first fair/equal jumpseat agreement!
Someone, Somewhere decided "HEY, I have a GREAT Idea!!!" !!

I think it was the same person that put the Shaken Baby on the IPhone!! What an idiot!
Sounds more like a marketing arrangement for an existing turboprop cargo company rather than an "airline."

But I do like this idea from the article:

Trained "pet attendants" will be on board checking the animals every 15 minutes.

So they'll have some hot, pet-loving flight attendants in tight little skirts serving drinks and handing out pillows and blankets to all the pets. How civilized!

In reality, I think the Beech 1900 pilots will be cross-trained as pet attendants: pull back the curtain every 15 minutes and look back at the animals--pretty much the existing routine of passenger ops on the 1900.
linky no worky. ..perhaps they are "dogged" by lack of startup capital. "Cat 1" minima would've taken on new meaning..
ok-I'll stop

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