Another Academy Application Question.


Dec 15, 2001
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I know the Air Force Academy is really big on the "whole-person" concept with the three main components being: Academics, Athletics, and Extra-Curriculars. I feel really strong in Academics and Extra-Curriculars but I haven't been very involved with sports. I played football in 9th grade and I play organized church basketball. I didn't participate in anything this, my sopomore year. I will be on the swim team over the summer and on into my Junior and Senior years and I plan to really do well. But that's the only sport I plan to do. Is this going to hurt me greatly on my application? Thanks...


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Nov 25, 2001
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You don't have to be a 3-letter man to get into USAFA. Some involvement with sports is good to demonstrate that you are not a total geek. What you have should be plenty. Just make sure you are in good physical shape and can do well on the physical fitness test. Part of what they are looking for in sports is leadership--team captain, etc. I had very little sports in my resume, but I was on the debate team for 4 years and was my Student Body VP my senior year.

You are off to a good start if you realize what you need to get in and are working to make your record competitive. If you are not already talking to your USAFA LO, then you should be doing that ASAP. He/she can answer a lot of questions for you about what it takes to get in. My experience is a bit dated (81 grad). They can give you the latest. Good luck.