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Another ACA question

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Active member
Nov 29, 2001
A body of mine received a call from ACA to go for an interview sometimes next month. He was asked if he wants to go for Jetstream 41 (sooner) or to wait a couple of months for CRJ class. He wants to fly the jet but also he is afraid to wait for such a long time. I told him that ACA doesn't have props according to my knowledge. I was wrong. Now I want to make it up to him with a better advice. What are the pros and cons in starting in Jetstream class faster against waiting for a CRJ class later - that if he makes through the interview? and what he should expect from that interview?
Thanks to anyone.
I would get on the seniority list ASAP. Seniority is EVERYTHING in this business. Also, keep in mind that with the current state of the industry he shouldn't be bitching about flying a turboprop. I bet there are plenty of furloughees that would like to come fly one for a while.
ALWAYS take the earliest class date. Even if you are not in one of the jets you still get paid the same first year. At the end of the first year you can bid to the jet and be higher up in the seat than those who got the jet a later class date. This difference becomes even more apparent when evey is bidding for CRJ captains slots. with 2 classes of pilots starting each week and 6-10 people per class, a month's difference could be as much as 80 people who will be awarded a Captains slot before you get your shot. Remember, its not the first week of pay that is important but the last week's. The longer you make a Captain's salary the more money you will put in the bank.
Thank you Guys for all your good advices. But before thansfer all these infos to my budy few more questions: How ACA helps family? How much comuter friendly ACA is? How long it takes to get upgraded? and How much a Captain makes?
Thank you again and looking for your answers?
My feelings on this question..

Had the phone questions from ACA earlier this week... they asked that, and I said "bring on the turboprop..." I think they are wanting to see if you want to work for THEM or if you have to have the jet...
Answer yes.. you would take the earlier class.. that is the correct answer... unless you are a really high time contender, then I think you could get away with the waiting for a later class answer....
Good luck..
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the j-41 is a mostly-glass cockpit and a screaming little turbo. get your friend's behind into the class and worry about egos later. so what if he may have to sit right seat for two years in a turbo? at least he's in the game.

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