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another ACA question

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Active member
Jan 22, 2002
How long is the reserve ?
does it change for the different planes and / or bases ?

how hard is it to commute while on reserve ?

2 more Q's

1. is there any "ready reserve" or "airport reserve?"
2. what is the pay on reserve and how does that affect when ioe ends and the $200 per week "stipend" turns into regular salary.

Reserve: I would say average 6 months now, but with all the hiring these days that should push you up the list faster. Equipment/Domiciles will make a difference but not much.

Commuting on reserve: Well of course it could be difficult if they give you 0600 duty on. You could work it with sched the night before and could get a commutable late reserve show then on the last day of your reserve block get released by 1700 if nothings happnin'. Bottomline though commuting on reserve can suck.

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