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Angle of incidence on 172??

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Jun 30, 2005
Anyone know? If so how much of the oleo strut is sticking out when it is measured?
Here it is Ladies and Gentlemen:

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That's it. Show's over. Move along.

ToiletDuck said:
Yea I don't get your question.

Whats so difficult about it. Its rather simple. For example, if the angle of incidence is 3 degrees then when the nose is level, the AOA of the wings are 3 degrees? If the oleo strut is deflated the angle of incidence will be less than when it is fully inflated. Simple!
angle of incidence is that between the body and the wing, oleo strut should have no bearing

and i dont know what it is, probably 3 degrees or so
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When I service a nose strut on a Hawk, I usually use the "three finger rule". Back in the day that I smoked, the width of a pack of smokes was the rule.

Nose strut extension has no bearing on anything except the ground handling of the aircraft. Once you get enough wind over the wings to make angle of incidence a factor, nose strut extension has no meaning.

The angle of incidence is adjustable via the excentric bushing on the rear spar attach point to "wash in or out" the wing for rigging purposes.

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