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Angel Flight/Angel Network type flights

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Dec 10, 2001
Can anyone recommend an organization or possible idea for free/reduced rate transport for a cancer patient and his family? :confused:

I was asked about this, and other than Angel Flight, I have no idea what to recommend to this woman:

"I am in touch with corporate angel network in getting assistance from Columbus, Ohio to Los Angeles, CA. My 46 yr old husband suffers from colon cancer. All treatments in Ohio have failed. Corporate Angel Network can help us except they are saying we have to travel to Detroit to catch a flight. This may not be possible based on the circumstances. Do you know of any airline besides Southwest who can help us. We flew free throught Southwest in July last year and I think they have a clause where you have to wait a year before they will allow you to do this again. We don't have the finances to handle this. I am living on a secretary's salary and my husband is on disability income. He will need 15 f/u visits out there. Do you know anyone with Executive Jet in Columbus, Ohio? How about corporate sponsors? Any ideas you have will be welcomed. Thanks."
Depending on where you need to go, you may qualify for Mercy Med Flight out of Ft. Worth, TX. It is the nation's only charitable air ambulance service. I used to fly for them.

However, qualifying for their service isn't as easy as one may think. One has to demonstrate financial hardship and I don't know if they have a policy concerning follow-up visits. This service is for non-ambulatory patients only.

Send me a private message if you want more details.
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Thanks Guys!

I gave her the link to this post, so I hope she reads this and see all the replies.


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