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ANG and age question...

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Dec 11, 2001
Does anyone have any information on applying for a guard slot and the likelyhood of getting an age waiver? I realize this is quite a stretch and know the odds are really stacked but I'm trying to exhaust all my options. I've been trying to get an active duty slot but thru some bad luck and recruiter mistakes have been shutout. I've heard the guard is a touch more likely - emphasis on a touch - to grant an age waiver for viable candidates, and hey, I'm viable, everything is in order, testing, fc1, etc. I just need someone to take a chance.

Any units worth calling? Thanks.
Try going to this website under forums/ military flying message board and perform a search. www.studentpilot.net
There is a plethora of good info as well as some bad. There are guard units out there willing to grant age waivers, you just have to do the leg work. I believe the guard will waiver up to 33. However once you're hired it takes about 6 months to a year for the age waiver to get approved. Sooner if you have friends in high places. I know for a fact Herc units in DE and CA have submitted and have gotten approval on waivers this year. Don't take no for an answer, keep trying until someone says yes. There are a lot of guard units out there. Good luck.

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