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Andy, One More Q??

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Mar 1, 2002

Bummer on the cancelled class, I still have that day job!!!
arghhhh, but do you know if the August class is scheduled
for only 16 FO's or will the number bump up for the delay
in classes? Also, is it important to come to class with our
logs current or will training suffice for currency- - flying is
expensive! Thx JP
I still have 16 for each class the rest of the year. That is simply a starting point and I don't have a clue what the numbers will actually be. I'm planning on that number until I hear otherwise.

Do whatever you need to do to keep the rust off your instrument skills. Quite frankly, I think Microsoft Flight Sim does the job for me (Lear 45 with/without A/P).

Review the limitations and emergency procedures we sent. We WILL give a test on the bold item limitations on Day 1 of ground school.

one other question.....what is the outlook for both upgrades and new hire classes for the EMB? I know this has been discussed before but wondering if the 6 classes for the rest of 2002 and the 3 upgrade classes is still true.....just curious...
Just out of curiousity... what is the name of the company being discussed?


I'm showing a POTENTIAL for 5 newhire classes and 4 upgrade classes for the Brasilia. That is simply what is on the calendar. Any or all of them could be cancelled but I have no reason at this time to think that they will.

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