And the most delayed flight goes to..........

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Jul 7, 2005
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And The Nation's Most Delayed Flight Is …. The federal Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) issued its monthly on-time performance report for U.S. airlines. The statistics are for August.

The nation's most-delayed flight: Alaska Airlines Flight 153 between Nome and Anchorage is late 96.77% of the time. Typically, recent flights faring poorly in this category involved congested and poor-weather prone airports like Atlanta, Newark and Philadelphia.

The runner-up? AirTran's Flight 315, which left Charlotte and landed late in Atlanta 96.55% of the time in August. One in four U.S. flights arrived late overall.

The top airline for on-time flights: Hawaiian Airlines. With its flight routes entirely in Hawaii and the West Coast, Hawaiian is rarely affected by the poor weather.

Second-best was Frontier Airlines with 85.1% of its flights on time.

The worst on-time performance was: Delta affiliate Atlantic Southeast Airlines flights arrived on time only 59.6% of the time in August, the worst of the 20 carriers required to report data.

Second-worst was AirTran Airways, with 64.1% of its August flights arriving late.

The third-worst mark comes from Northwest (67.2% on-time).


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May 14, 2003
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