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An incredible sight today in Atlanta

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Nov 26, 2001
Anyone else see (or more importantly, hear) the B-17 circling downtown today? What a sight...and sound, about 2000 AGL. Wow.

Last summer, about Fourth of July or so, we had a B-17 in town. Dunno why, maybe for an airshow. I was downtown on a work errand and heard round engines. I looked up and saw this beautiful, natural aluminum B-17 flying overhead. Then, the next day at home, I hear round engines. I thought it was only the local T-6 bunch flying formation. No, it was the same B-17! The day after that, same round engine sound. Same B-17! All in all, it was terrific! The only other time I had seen B-17s in flight was at a CAF airshow and static display in 1982 in Ada, Oklahoma. :)
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I think you are reffering to the EAAs B-17 Alimunum Overcast that is on tour recently (I believe its still in the SE), it natural shiny metal color. It was just in Daytona recently very cool plane, but the panel. Well lets just say that I don't think they had Garmin in WWII.
It was parked on the ramp at Gwinnett (LZU) today when we pulled in. Walked over and took a look around. I have real respect for the guys there flying it, particularly landing it today with the xwinds. My big respect goes to the guys that hauled those things over Europe in WW2, really puts things into perspective for me...
And they did it with 200 hours TT....
It is probally the same group that came into DFW area a few weeks back. They were at Meacham for a weekend then flew over to the Air Museum at ADS. They flew right over the airport I office from at about 1500 agl. There were two planes, B-17 and B-24 I think. Followed by two chase planes, all in formation....

What a sight indeed.....
We had a B-17(Sentimental Journey, I think)<--Ignore incorrect spelling parked in front of our hanger for about a week. They were advertising the 2001 CAF Airshow @ MAF(I'm at LBB). For $300 you could take a ride in it. I didn't have the funds, so I didn't ride. I got to see it from dozens of feet away roar up it's engines, taxi out and take off. That occured daily for about a week. I also got to crawl all through it. Squeezed off a few rounds from the tail-gunner position. Well, not really--but I did pretend awfully hard! Later that week Fifi, the B-25, made a brief appearance. Now that's a sweet airplane!

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