an f16? and an euro airbase ?


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Nov 27, 2001
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what is the diff between the f16 CJ/DJ and CG/DG? is it airframe or mission?

and on a diff subject...

I have a college friend that works for a gov/af contractor. she is some kind of personnel/hr accountant/bean counter. in order to move on in her company they want her to spend time (20 months) in one of their foreign locations.

her choices are euro (england, germany, italy) or asia (japan)

I can't remember the location in england but germany will be spangdalem, italy is aviano and i think japan is Okinawa.

for now her 2 first picks are italy and germany. she doesn't want to go to japan.

any advice i can pass to her?

she is 34 and reciently divorced and has a 5 year old daughter that will be going along with her, so schooling is a factor. she is not military and will live off base (provided by her company) but she has the option to send the kid to the mil school if available.

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May 13, 2004
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Sep 14, 2004
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If she's only going to an F-16 base, then it would be Misawa AB, Japan.
Kadena (Okinawa) as the F-15C
RAF Lakenheath in the UK is an F-15C & E wing. There are no other US fighter wings in the UK.
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Feb 10, 2005
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The F-16 question:
Last I knew, it was primarily a mission difference. CJs perform the SEAD/DEAD mission (suppression/destruction of air defenses) aka. Wild Weasel stuff
CGs are more general purpose as bombers.
There may be some minor airframe differences associated w/ the missions like harm targeting stuff or laser targeting pods but they're basically the same airframe.

Advice for you friend:
Any of the Europe locations will probably be great. She's smart to stay away from Asia. Comparing living in Europe to Asia, there is NO choice. I'd take Europe every time (but that's me).

I was stationed at Spang and Bitburg (~ 8NM away) and it was great. Germany is a great country and has lots to offer. One thing would be that it's more central than Italy or the UK. If she has plans to travel and see some of the area, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg are all easy day trip drives away from Spang. All of Germany is easily driven to in a day but far north and southeast destinations would probably require an overnight to make the trip worth it. Germany schools are very good and if her 5 year old got in soon, she'll be fluent by the time they return to the states. I've been to the UK and Italian bases as well, but just to visit. My impression of Italy is that it's nice to visit but parts of it are kind of like a third world country. Personally, I'd take Germany over Italy. The UK is great too and my experience any time I went there was very positive. The locals are friendly and obviously with no language barrier life it a bit easier as a new arrival. The only downside to the UK would be the weather (lots of rain) and the fact that it is an island. If you want to visit mainland Europe, you're on a boat/plane or in the chunnel.
Overall, my vote would be Germany (even if it is seriously lacking in F-15C pilots now - your friend can't have it all, unfortunately ;) ).

Maybe someone else will chime in with something useful (so far it's been slim pickin'). It will be a great experience and she'll be glad she went.


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Apr 11, 2003
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Ich liebe Deutschland, die Schulen sind sehr gut. Das Kind Ihre's Freundin wird viel gutes Deutsch lernen.

Das Bier schmeckt ausgezeichnet!!