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red light district? weed ?

what do you wanna know ? :D

drop me a pm with ur questions..
Amsterdam is a wonderful city. Ive never truly felt free until I went to Holland. If you know someone in college or high school I recommend www.studentuniverse.com. They have cheap travel for students but you must have a verifiable school email address. I went from KC to Amsterdam roundtrip for less than $550 when I was a student. The best way to get around is by train. Its cheap and takes you to lots of towns. Amsterdam really isnt that big, I was able to walk to the excitement pretty easy. Hellova good time there Im very jealous. PM me if you have any questions.
Im happy you had a good time over there. If there is anything i can help u guys with, feel free to shoot me a PM.
The only hotel I know of is the Best Western right in downtown. There is an Enterprise Rental Car place about two miles outside of downtown.

Not much else to do other than watch the barges float down the Mowhawk river as part of the Erie Canal system. Maybe you can tour some of the abandoned carpet mills, but I am not sure. I wouldn't touch the red light district though. I could point you to some neighborhoods that I think have some weed, and other sorts of recreational herbs, pills, etc.

I would wait until the new Lowes is built, then it will be a rockin' town.

Of course I have heard there is an Amsterdam somewhere over in Europe. But the one in New York is cheaper to visit.
Of course I have heard there is an Amsterdam somewhere over in Europe. But the one in New York is cheaper to visit.[/quote]

Dude, that's pretty funny.
been there twice...I stayed with family friends though so I can't help you on hotels. Did rent a car from Hertz...was kinda expensive but a brand new car. I was 22 at the time and was able drive around no problem. People are super-friendly over there. Watch your wallet for pick pockets in Downtown amsterdam. The farther you get away from Amsterdam, the less english people speak. I'd go back in a drop of a hat. Been looking at possibly flying over in Europe someday, but I know KLM now requires a European passport.
You might want to try the Park hotel near Vonderl Park. But good luck on getting a hotel anywhere on Queens Day.. Or you can just sleep in Vondel Park like the bums......

Walking through Amsterdam Is like being in the Wizard of OZ....

Not really sure if you even need to rent a car. Public transport is good throughout the country but particularly in Amsterdam itself. If you plan to visit any of the tourist sites outside of the city there are plenty of coach tours from Amsterdam, so you don't really need a car for that either. Parking can be a nightmare too and, as said before, renting a car ain't all that cheap. So unless you really need the flexibilty that a car provides I would just leave it.

p.s. You can always make your way around on a bicycle, like all the locals do.

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