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AMS advice anyone?

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Dec 6, 2001
Does anyone have any advice/pointers regarding how to be successful at AMS? Anything they wish they would have known before they went that would make the AMS experience better for others? Any hindsight revelations, what to do, what not to do, debunking of AMS urban legends, etc ????

Obviously...... SMan is just a forum name that uses my initials. I'm sure you didin't run around UPT calling yourself "Semper Viper". :) Does anyone have anything helpful?


Dude, chill. That was a joke. If you take that kind of sensitivity into UPT they will eat you alive.
I'm fine. I understood your comment and tried to reply in the same joking manner. That's why I put a smiley face in my reply.

Alright you guys...knock it off.

Ohh wait that's my military bearing talking...I still havn't removed all the brainwashing. I only graduated on Fri.

It's a piece of cake. Do what they say, do it quickly and do it right the first time. Project confidence and use common sence. The academics aren't that tough if you put some effort into them. If you are prior service, review how to march; If you are non-prior learn how to march. If you have any say, arrive on Sat. Don't wait until Sun, you will have more time to get to know the other OCs and get you uniforms in order.

Everything else will fall into place.

Good luck

The newest 2nd LT in the AF

Hey dude

Good luck. Unless you are getting ready to start in early August, it should be good weather in Knoxville. The best things I can tell you are to get into shape by running some. No, it's not bad in that department, but there are always some sucking wind in the run (that was me), and it just brings attention to yourself (not good). Anyway, take some COMFORTABLE low quarters, very preferably Corframs. You will use them alot. And I mean alot. The biggest thing that I was lucky to do, because no one told me, was to take laptop. They have PCs on a network, but you are tasked with a bunch of BS paper, and it is a bitch to have to share a PC with the limited time available. I also took a printer (A color bubblejet is nice for your presentations, and take a pack of transparencies) Other than that, it shouldn't be too bad. Make sure to have the complete list of items they have posted on their website. You don't want to be short any of them. Take liquid Soap, unless you want to be cleaning out a soapdish.

Can't think of anything else off hand. Good luck. Stay in the books, because that's how they get rid of people. The tests are BS, and you have a hard time staying awake in the classes, so you have to study for them in your own time, which sucks.

You probably atready have this, but follow it carefully. You do have the option for Black T-shirts (Which I would take), and a Gortex Parka instead of the BDU Jacket (take it too).

And absolutely, show up Saturday.


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you guys are scaring me...i thought ams was supposed to be a charm school, a cake walk. it sounds like WOCS revisited...

Beetle Juice, couldn't get your link to work...

are you active or guard? may i ask what unit/acft you are in?


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